Coronavirus Advice

Dear All Staff.

Due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) please wash your hands or use hand sanitiser provided, when entering or leaving the office or care homes/facilities that you are working in. Please try to keep contact to a minimum where possible and avoid large public spaces. Thank you for co-operation.

Please follow government advice on what to do if you think you have symptoms. Ring 111 or call your GP. If you think you are showing symptoms, please self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days and avoid contact with others.

As we work in the care industry, we come in to contact with people all the time, so please do your upmost to keep informed, follow advice, stay home if you are feeling unwell and hopefully limit the spread of this virus.…/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-t…

Many Thanks,

Black & White Group.

Rachel Mendez

Rachel Mendez

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