Black & White Group Support Philippines School

The Covid 19 pandemic has disrupted many forms of daily life around the World, few more so than schools and colleges. With many schools around the World either closed or under restrictions until the pandemic is under control, schools have to find new ways to conduct lessons and tests.

B&W Director Tony Farmer’s wife Tammy is originally from the Philippines and heard of a scheme to help schools there to carry on with work during the pandemic. More specifically Tammy’s former School, Santa Lgnacia North Central Elementary School in Tarlac were in need of printers, paper and ink to enable them to print out school work, learning modules and tests for their students.

After a lovely letter, signed by all students at the class, was sent to Tony, The Black & White Group were able to help out the staff and pupils at Santa Lgnacia Grade IV – Bonifacio class by donating a printer, paper and ink.

It is a small contribution during difficult times, but to the staff and students at Santa Lgnacia it will make a big difference.



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