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Black & White Group - Community Garden Opening

The Black & White Group were proud to attend the opening of the Sudbrook Community Garden, in Tredworth, Gloucester, recently.

The garden is the result of some truly inspiring community work from the good people of Tredworth, local councillor Ray Patel, Rooftop Housing, local business’ and the MP for Gloucester Richard Graham and his staff

The previous old factory site was something of an eyesore in the community, but with a little bit of foresight, some excellent planning and a lot of hard work from a number of good people, the site has been turned into a lovely green community garden for the local people of Tredworth to enjoy. 

The Black & White Group were pleased to help with the opening day by providing the gazebos, bouncy castle, drinks and ice creams. We’ve also committed to provide help and advice with the garden going forward and will be happy to join the garden committee. 

Member of Parliment for Gloucester, Richard Graham, performed the opening ceremony and said;
“In life we all travel with optimism and I’m convinced that the Sudbrook Community Garden is good in its own right for residents near by, good for Tredworth as an increase of green space, good for Gloucester because everyone can believe the MP, Council and Rooftop Housing Association are thinking about every part of the city – and this is as good an example of what can be achieved in grizzly brown field sites anywhere in Britain, as you’ll face.

Thank you to everyone who believed, and who made this happen.